Train Your Mind Happy: Fill Your World With Light

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hat do you do to fill the world with light?

You can train your brain to think merry thoughts, to see lights, the bright  side.  By training your mind to think positive, much less so than negative, you will become happier.

I should be feeling bad today after, yet another, day in court with my son.  He is back for violation of probation, running away for ten days, skipping many classes in high school . . . (and he may be facing out of home placement.  We may find out tomorrow, as tomorrow we come back again).

Like I said, I should be feeling bad today.  In a way, though, I feel some relief.  At least, he is not out there somewhere I do not know where.  In Juvenile hall (the place he has been in since last night), I am sure he gets three meals a day, sleeps under a roof, and has no access to stupid things.

This is a habit I am learning-- training my mind to feel happy, seeing the light in the dark, choosing the direction of my life story, or, at least, the way I react to it.

Today’s NaBloPoMo topic is very fitting and applicable to my present life, “What do you do to fill your world with light?

What do I do?

I look for the light, literally.

This is what I did tonight on the way from searching for my daughter—taking neighbors’ pictures of their yard.

I found out where she hides but she escaped that friend’s house, running for dear life, when she realized I was in that house, trying to get her.  Oh well.  The police did not find her either, running in the dark.  I do not know what she is thinking.

Back home, I drove, and took a few shots of Christmas lights along my way.  Thanks to the beauty of Christmas lights.  It helps fill my world with positivity.

The result?  I did not fall into the mess of a crying fit tonight and I still had the energy to blog.  I am closer to happiness!

I just purchased a self-help book Get out of Your Mind and Into Your Life by Steven C. Hayes, today. It is a New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to overcome depression, emotional pain, and negativity.  I will share what I learn here.  Stay tuned.

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