What Merry Christmas is All About

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“Why can’t they just close the hospital today, mommy?”
Christmas scene with manger tree
A Christmas corner at work.

This question, I cannot forget, from the mouth of my daughter, only five years old then.  I was working and she did not want me to go to work so I could spend the Christmas day with her. She was so innocent.


These days I get shallow sometimes.  I worried about buying gifts.  I do not have enough in my budget to purchase what I want for gifting.

The priest made a sermon this morning that struck me.

“Today is the day to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  It is the main reason we were preparing weeks ahead. . .  ”

This holiday should be focused on caring for each other, loving each other, thinking about each other, and spending time together.

Christmas is the time for caring and spending time together

The caring caregivers. 

I think about my co-workers who have to work today.  Hospitals do not close their doors to leave the sick patients who could not make it home for Christmas.  My thoughts are with all of them.  They are caring for our patients today.

Spending time with my teen daughter.

I spent some time with my daughter, however hurried-looking she was to go to her boyfriend’s house to celebrate with his family.

Spending time with my teen son out of home.

I spent half an hour with my son (that was all he was allowed) today in the juvenile hall where he is detained. I pray for the workers working there.  I thank God for workers like them, for monitoring my son and helping to keep my son safe along with other children even on this holiday.

Spending time with other loved-ones.

I drove to Paul’s house with Velvet, my dog, to have lunch with him and his children.

It is, again, another white Christmas.  We took my dog Velvet, and their dog, Wally, out for a walk in the park.  Another dog owner was out with his dog.  All three played and ran in the field.  We, owners, just watched smiling and freezing as our heads accumulate some snowflakes.  It was nice going out, however cold.

Today is a decent day.  I do not have much but I spent the day, however in nontraditional way, with the people I love.

Merry Christmas to you all.  

How did you celebrate your day?
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