Kid Therapy: When Kids Can Be the Therapy

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Happy kid at play.
I love little children.  This "love" actually prevented me from working with sick children in the hospital.  Why? If I work, say in a children's hospital, I will be surrounded with children who are not feeling well. All I will want to do is hug, cuddle, or rock the child--the whole shift.  So if I have three of those babies,  that will not work for twelve hours, won't it?

My experience with children

In nursing school, we did a short rotation in a pediatric unit.  I like the times when young patients were about to go home.  They look happy and bright almost as good as healthy children without ailments.

I miss my teens when they were little.  They looked like angels.  I always know where they were.  They were usually happy.  Today, both of them I did not get to easy before I left for work.  They ran away.  They both come and go as they please.  

I will be lying to say, I am okay with that.  The thing is, I can't handcuff them to a pole in the house.  They are rebelling teenagers.  To cope, I watch other children--not babysit, but just watch from a distance.  It is free.  Look at the pictures below.  This week, these children are my tools for therapy--my kid therapy.
What is home without children? Quiet -- Henny Youngman.Tweet: What is a home without children? Quiet. ~Henny Youngman
(This one has just stopped crying).

Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next. ~Franklin P. Jones

My children are the source of my strength, frustration, happiness, insanity, sanity, irritability. They are the definition of unconditional love. - Unknown
(I might as well write that).

Here, we were "all smiles" as we look at other people's small kids.

 Nishan Panwar   Carin

How about you? Do other peoples kids give you joy?


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