Reasons to be Thankful in Hard Situations 2

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ast week I joined this grateful group with Ten Things Thankful . I wrote about reasons to be thankful in hard situations.  How do we get to be thankful when things are tough?  I said, take pictures around you.  Pictures (of something small or grand) will remind us of the good things surrounding us.

This week I continue to write on reasons to be thankful celebrating what we have and do not have.

Be thankful for something you have.

I am thankful for something I have.  This is easy, and I have ten of them to list here.

Okay, I admit, I stole this picture (not the sock).  See, we were having a "Crazy socks" competition last night at a wine party and I lost to this toe-sock-penguin lady.  However defeated, I feel thankful for the picture--a reminder of the fun-time last night.

OK, this is my socks.  I really thought my silly two-halves penguin will help me win the first place and take home a free bottle of wine.  Perhaps, I do not deserve a bottle of wine.  I am thankful for this socks anyway.  Wearing it puts a smile on my face.

How about line up your bone (and toys).  My OCD dogs did this, each time, in the middle of the busiest hallway in the house.  I thank my dogs for being silly and funny.

I like to eat and I love the diversity of foods.
David Soul
I thank my healthy appetite.  At least food makes me happy.

 I thank the doctors for feeding us so we get more hyperactive and energized, ready to take care of our mutual patients.  Next time, more protein?

I thank potluck, I get to have different food and I had a taste of this delicious home made pistachio cake.

I thank Paul's favorite ice cream cake.  It reminds me of good memories with relatives and ice cream cake in the Philippines.

I thank the guests in this party, Asian, white, Asian, white, white, white, brown.  We had a great time together.

I thank this guy who has been waiting for me, and promised to wait for me till my teens go to college (I hope right after high school).

Lastly on this list, I am thankful for this over-sized three-liter? bottle of wine.  OK, I did not drink the whole thing, just tasted a little wine from it.  Really. 

Be thankful for something you do not have.

I am also thankful for something I do not have.  Why?

1. I am still on remission from cancer.  For now, I do not have cancer after I completed my chemotherapy.  Thank God for that.  I still have many years to support my teens while they need me.  I have time to look for them.  (They both did not come home Friday night. God help us).
2. I do not have an alcoholic husband.  He left in 2009, never came back, and remained an X.
3. I do not have defiant dogs (most of the time).  They follow me around, giving me joy, companionship, loyalty, and love.

Count your blessings.  This week I can count at least thirteen. How about you?

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