How to Get Motivated to Walk When It's Cold

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For the life of me, I had a hard time convincing myself to walk outside.  When the temperature dropped, so did my motivation to do my morning exercise.  Even my dogs who used to complain about the cold going out the back door to the yard wanted desperately to go out for a real walk today.

Paul went out first with Wally, his dog, and I stayed for a few minutes until Snowball and Velvet started crying and kept scratching the front door.

Oh well, I guess, I had to follow.

Surprise, surprise, it is thirty five degrees warm outside.  

I could do that temperature.  It wasn't bad as the frigid past few days.  I actually felt so much better breathing in the fresh cool air. Our dogs were not in a hurry with the walk either.  Look at them.

Motivation to Walk in the Cold

Get a life dog or dogs, the active kind that will actually walk with you.

No, not a cat. Dog.

If you don't have one, adopt one. 

walking dogs in the snow
Paul with Wally, Snowball, and Velvet.
walking dogs in the snow uphill woman blog
How do people get their dogs to stop moving for a good shot?


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