Taking it Easy: My Comic Life

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

My family, I write about my family a lot—family, meaning daughter and son, and
occasionally, my dogs. Creating the cartoon above is part of my attempt to de-stress as my energy
went down the drain today.

I dreaded getting up earlier today, as today is the day to take care of the suspicious items that magically appeared under my son’s bed.

 One was an expired Mexican passport with a name and description that does not come close to my son’s, and two credit cards of the same name.
I found them late at night two nights ago, and because I worked 12-hours long yesterday, I put off going to the police station until today. No phone or address came along with the stuff so I have no way to contact the owner.

 I told the police officer what I know and he thanked me. I also let him know that my son does not claim knowledge about how those things ended up in his room.

 I am so tired to think anymore but I have to do the right thing. Whether we will get in trouble or not, I do not know. May God help us.

My energy went down the drain stressing about this that I could not do anything much more. I am supposed to do my tax extension but I just cannot. Tax, bills and gardening to my overgrown yard will have to wait. I will come back to them (especially the gardening) tomorrow as I just read in Lifehacker today how good is gardening for you. As I read in Lifehacker:

The statistics behind gardening will shock you. Apart from contributing to the environment, it has numerous health benefits that can easily compete with workouts at the gym. Furthermore, it helps develop focus and promotes a positive mindset.
Challenge for tomorrow: I will tackle gardening, and may be drag my no-highschool-accepted-him-yet-sad-faced son to the garden workout too. Hmm . . .

 However, for today I just want to do . . . comics.

Well, it may be a little immature but I had fun. It's part of my taking-it-easy day and downplaying the drama in life.  Someday  my life will turn comical. If I take every single stress of my life too seriously, I will have to check in myself to a mental institution soon from severe depression.

Try it when you are sad. Maybe it will put a smile on your face too.
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