Hopeful Sunday, There is Hope

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Twenty-sixth Sunday in ordinary time.

 I’m not about to say a mass here.  I am just reiterating the word ordinary in a day.  Today my family went to church, minus my son, he is still in Juvenile Hall, so it was just my daughter and I.

We were ten minutes late.  I almost tossed the idea of going because of the tardiness but as the saying goes, better late than never.  Inside, I felt, it really is worth it to come, however late.  We arrived by the second reading. 

Being inside the church gave me a feeling of safety and comfort.  I sensed the feeling of hope. Help is coming.

I picked up a booklet on rosary.  Do you know that there are five new Luminous Mysteries added (in addition to Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries)?  I have just learned that today.   Where have I been? 

I haven’t said the rosary for years myself.  Scanning the booklet, I thought, perhaps I can complete a novena which is nine-day–in-a-row rosary. The booklet reads, 

“Those who perform it with a lively hope of having their request granted and with perfect resignation should it be refused, may be assured that Christ will grant some grace or blessing.” 

There is hope.

My family needs that “grace” desperately.  Please, Jesus Christ, heal my son spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically wherever his legal battles bring him.  I will start saying the rosary tomorrow for him.

Later on, I got to visit him for the second time this week.  This time, the hall rep did not allow my fourteen-year-old girl to visit.  He says it is against their policy and that he goes by the book.

This visit went on smoothly unlike the first. He inhaled the Pop-Tart I bought for him from the vending machine. He did not pressure me about bailing him out.  I am still not convinced he will not run away again.  If he does, it would be his seventeenth time.  I don’t want him to get in anymore trouble than he is now.  He just said, he does not want to spend his sixteenth birthday there in December, and that he wants to be out by then.

With high hopes for him, I will start my novena tomorrow.

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