Thankful and Hopeful This Cold Season

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1. I am thankful to my friend for reminding me about one of the joys of the Christmas season--the beautiful lights. I should put up some Christmas decor for the spirit of "it" tomorrow.
2. I am thankful for my pets for keeping me company when I am lonesome. Here is Velvet who would squeeze herself in the same couch I am sitting on, her favorite seat in the house.
3. I am thankful, my tearful daughter got calmed down over her favorite ice cream. See, my son, his brother, ran away  more than a week ago. Last Friday was his 17th birthday. My daughter, and I, celebrated a little, as planned. We left the parlor without tears in her eyes anymore.
4. I hope to have many more years of this Philippine Nurses Association of Colorado. Spending another Christmas party with these volunteer nurses serving the community was a joy. We played fun parlor games and I admit, I forgot my problems for a while.

5. We also had a potluck of mostly Filipino food. It is a day to get to eat dishes from my home country aside from what I cook. We had Puto-bumbong too. It is a a purple delacy covered with coconut and dipped in brown sugar served on Christmas season in the Philippines. It is something I never made but really like. YUM.

6. I would have worn red but thinking of my late father, I shouldn't. I wore black instead. It has not been a month since he passed away. I am still thankful he was not suffering in sickness anymore.

7. I am not so  thankful to my neighbors who make me look bad want to conserve on energy so I can be more efficient. I will do better using less energy, I think, next year.

8. I am thankful for this quote. It pushes me to move and do something good.

9. I am thankful for my health and my continued availability to my teens regardless how they act at times "not needing me."

10. I am thankful I can be of service to increasing population in the intensive care unit this cold season.

I really hope my son goes home soon. My son. My 17 years and two days old first born.


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Sounds like you've faced your share of challenges in 2015 and I hope you have an easier time in 2016.


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