Love or Dread: The Start of the School Year

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teen cooking
Look who's cooking in the kitchen
after cooking club in school?
My son!
For me, as a mother of teens who barely went to school last school year, the coming of this
2015-2016 school year brings mixed emotions. I got excited, rejuvenated, and ready to get back into a structured routine (that is, if they go to school).  But the fear of them ditching school, and worse, running away, that other parents do not worry about, creeps up in me.

My fifteen-year old daughter also felt some fear.

“What if I fail? Last year, I started out wanting to get straight A's and then I messed up.”

“Honey, first, you go to school. You go to school daily. You can be successful.”

So far, she has one 90% and all 100%, even in math. Things are looking good for her. What more? She got in the school varsity team for volleyball. She is the youngest one. The rest were juniors and seniors.

On the other hand, my son has been going to school too, and work. The only times he missed was when he leaves early for work. I would prefer him not to miss any class, but for him, it is a big step just to go to school. I have to pick my battles.

I still feel a thump on my chest every time I get a call for school. They are all automated notifications, thank God. No calls from the office yet. I am dreadful still, yes. But for the most part, I am loving the start of the school year. Experience will heal and overcome my dread.

That is my experience. Now, share yours. Are you dreading the school year?

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