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deep fried calamari
 love calamari.  I did not know about it until I was in my early twenties when a friend ordered it in the Karaoke bar for us.

What is calamari?  Squid, it is just a squid.  You know, that seafood with 10 tentacles (just two more than its relative--the octopus does).  Squid meat is white and has a firm texture.  It tastes  kind of sweet with some nutty taste.

At Sumo Restaurant with
Vegas roll and calamari
Deep fried calamari is an appetizer dipped in batter.  It is appealing and yummy in taste.  Calamari also has omega 3 fatty acids, which help increase proper function of our brain and heart.  What a good treat.

Paul and I had some last week in a Japanese restaurant with some sushi and sashimi.  I was thinking, if this is my last meal, I would be satisfied.


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