It's a Beautiful Morning at Work

Sunday, November 23, 2014 0 Comments A + a -

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How to Plan for a Good Day at Work

Sometimes, I've got to psych myself into having a beautiful morning, after (the night before) my daughter announced she would rather stay in a group home than anywhere, that she actually was in in-school-suspension (not skipped class) last Friday, and then she escaped that detention to hang out in the mall, so possible she would get a week out-of-school suspension after Thanksgiving break. *sigh* (But I did offer to take her last night to a group home. And surprisingly, she changed her mind).

"It's a Beautiful Morning" jingle literally plays in my mind and positive thinking actually helped me get through my busy Sunday in the hospital. I did have a good morning, and good shift today. My ICU team rocks.

As far as my defiant daughter . . . well I will deal with her situation later.

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