The New Hospital Tour

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Exempla St. Joseph Hospital Popular Nurse blogYesterday, I toured my new hospital with co-workers. We will be moving in December and the old hospital has to go. Anyway, it looks absolutely beautiful and modern. I feel so excited to move since I have seen it. Its construction began last 2011.

The new hospital will provide over 800,000 square feet of all-new treatment, diagnostic, and patient care areas. Some 300+ private patient rooms are available. I heard that over 2000 parking spaces, including two new parking garages, would provide access for patients, visitors, and employees.

What’s more? We will have a cafeteria with access to open-topped patio. Heating elements will be put in. The chapel is right by the cafeteria. On the fifth floor, one floor down from my unit, is another patio for use. In the unit, we will have all-new equipment including the BOOM, and of course, the whole hospital will have new computers, etc.

The hospital is big that I got tired touring. We had been climbing the stairs to the point that I voiced to everyone, I was not doing anymore stairs for the day.

It was a tour, not a test for fitness or an aerobics workout time. I got tired and started having palpitations. Okay, it was my fault. I forgot to drink water in the morning. But still, if I want to work out, I would go to the gym. I also felt for the tour guide nurses, our fellow ICU staff. They had to do tours all day. So, from then on, I took the elevators and some of the staff joined me including our tour guides.

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